Here are the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions! If you can’t find the answer to your query below, feel free to message us on Facebook.

What is ASA?

We are a community of students looking to engage with like-minded peers. Out of this group of 1400+ people, our executive team and committee of 30+ students work to enhance the university experience of all our members. Indeed, whether you are domestic or international, undergraduate or postgraduate, or even studying a non-commerce degree, ASA has something for everyone!

Do I have to be studying accounting to join ASA?

No, you do not have to be studying accounting to join ASA. We encourage and welcome students studying any discipline at Macquarie University! We have collaborated on many events with societies from all academic disciplines, such as the Macquarie Association of Computing Students (MACS) in late 2018. Our events allow you to increase your employability skills, meet qualified individuals from different industries, and help you develop a strong peer network.

How do I join ASA as a general member?

You can become a member of ASA by completing our online signup form, which can be found here. ASA’s annual membership fee is $5, which can be paid at any of our events (including O-Week) to get your ASA sticker for access to numerous member benefits.

What benefits does ASA offer?

We offer a wide range of events and workshops to help students reach their personal and professional goals. Often run in collaboration with external organisations including EY and Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, our events allow members to connect not only with their peers but also recent graduates, job recruiters, industry professionals, academics, professional accounting bodies, and more.

We also publish a number of helpful resources for members seeking guidance on how to make the most of the university lifestyle and forging their career pathway.

Overall, ASA sets students up to succeed during their time at university and beyond!

What are your events like?

ASA hosts many social and professional events throughout Semesters 1 and 2 of each year, with free food and networking opportunities on offer at most events!

Some of ASA’s most notable events in 2018 included our meet and & greets at the beginning of each semester which brought together students for plenty of food, games, and fun raffle prizes. Our annual charity fundraiser also smashed it out of the park, with students receiving hot pancakes and waffles in exchange for gold coin donations to the worthy causes of Lifeline, Share the Dignity, and Buy a Bale.

ASA also hosted a number of memorable professional events in 2018. Our food networking events with sponsors like PwC and EY were some of our biggest yet, with free mocktails, BBQ, and ice-cream on offer to students who spoke with industry representatives. Other highlights included our interactive workshops with BDO and CA in Semesters 1 and 2 respectively, on acing the recruitment process and developing key professional skills. ASA also accommodated numerous industry panels with sponsors like ACCA for example, regarding the importance of personal branding and a range of other important topics.

What sort of publications do you offer?

ASA publishes a number of helpful resources for students on relevant topics. For example, our Careers Guide in partnership with ApplyGrad Inc focuses specifically on potential career paths for commerce students and guides them through key stages in the recruitment process. Our 2019 publication ‘ASA+’ supplements this guide by discussing how to build your career pathway before you even apply for jobs, as well as work experience opportunities, and making the most of university as an international or postgraduate student. ASA+ also includes interviews with notable alumni, making it well worth the read!

Who are your sponsors?

ASA works with a wide range of external organisations, ranging from big 4 to mid-tier accounting firms and prominent accounting accreditation bodies operating in Australia and internationally. Some of our key sponsors in 2019 include Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, CPA, Ernst & Young, Deloitte, Grant Thornton and ShineWing Australia.

What do your sponsors do?

Our sponsors help ASA and its members in providing us resources to run our social and professional events. In particular, having representatives from each firm at our events allows our students to gain new knowledge, skills, and opportunities to help them in their career and life journey.

How is ASA run?

ASA’s operations are managed by its Executive, Committee, and Sub-Committee members.

Each of ASA’s Committee and Sub-Committee members works in one or more of the following teams: Secretary & Events (S&E), Marketing & Publications (M&P), Human Resources (HR), or Treasury. Our S&E team serves to plan and execute both professional and social events.  Our M&P team serves to promote the events and operations of ASA. Our HR team serves to ensure that the internal functions of the ASA are satisfactory and competent. Our Treasury team serves to manage all financial matters of ASA.

The ASA Executive leads each of these teams and charts the overall vision for ASA’s activities each semester.

Who is the ASA Executive?

To find out who our current executive members are, see the ‘People’ section of our website. To meet them in person, come to our events!

How do I become an ASA Executive, Committee, or Sub-Committee member?

Everyone who joins the ASA team starts off as a Sub-Committee member, performing S&E, M&P, HR, or Treasury functions for at least one semester to familiarise themselves with how ASA operates. Sub-Committee members who show strong commitment and capabilities in their role may then progress to a Committee or Executive position in subsequent semesters with ASA, with Executive positions being filled at our AGM in July of each year.

ASA recruits Sub-Committee members at the beginning of semesters 1 and 2 each year, based primarily on their demonstrated teamwork skills and level of commitment to the positions on offer. To keep track of opening dates for applications to join our team, students are advised to like and follow our Facebook page.

As part of our recruitment process, candidates must first complete an online application which can be found here. An up-to-date CV must then be sent to our HR team, with instructions on how to do so found on our online application form. A select number of individuals may then progress to the interview stage, after which our HR team will contact successful candidates.

Why should I apply to join ASA’s Sub-Committee?

Becoming a part of ASA’s sub-committee team offers a wide range of benefits to students. A fantastic opportunity for personal development, sub-committee members can enhance their skills and knowledge in a number of ways. Becoming a team player, clear communicator, and savvy problem solver are some of the key attributes which ASA can help you to improve upon. Such skills are of great value to employers. As such, your time at ASA is an experience which you can add to your CV to differentiate yourself from other candidates when applying for jobs and internships.

The potential to progress from being a sub-committee member to either a committee or executive member after one semester also provides the opportunity to further develop your leadership skills. Executive members in particular play a significant role in leading the S&E, M&P, HR, and Treasury teams. Joining ASA’s sub-committee also allows you to give back to and be more engaged with your community. By frequently collaborating with others, members are able to befriend and more closely connect with student peers as well as industry professionals, job recruiters, sponsors, and other stakeholders related to ASA.

Are there any requirements for joining ASA’s sub-committee?

No experience? No worries! The only requirements for sub-committee members are:

  • Be a current Macquarie University student,
  • Have at least 6 months left of your degree, and
  • Be able to spare a minimum of 2 hours per week.

How can I contact ASA?

What’s the best way to reach ASA? The only way us millennials know how to communicate – via social media!

To message us on Facebook, click here and we will usually get back to you within one day.

We look forward to hearing from you!